Infrared Sauna-Lymphatic Drainage

Coral Medical Health Spa offers specialty detox massage. This treatment is available through registered and non-registered massage therapists.

Detox massage uses massage-like manipulations to stimulate lymphatic movement in the body. Lymph is the plasma-like fluid that maintains the body’s fluid balance and removes bacteria. Combined with other massage techniques of complete lymphatic massage is used to treat lymphedema and swelling in the limbs caused by lymph accumulation.

Detox massage is said to beneficially effect the nervous, immune and muscular systems in the body. This is accomplished using gentle, rhythmic massage following the direction of lymphatic flow. Mild stretching movements are used on the walls of lymph collectors to redirect the flow away from blocked areas into other vessels that drain into the veins. Once this drainage occurs the client enters the infrared sauna. While in the infrared sauna the client will sweat the toxins right from the body’s pores. Immediately after the sauna it’s recommended that the client showers to remove the toxins from the skin to prevent the toxins from being re-absorbed back into the body.

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