Revitalight Facials (Red Light)

revitalite200Revitalight Facials (Red Light) for youthful looking skin

At Coral Spa in Windsor, Ontario, we offer simply the latest and greatest skin care treatment that takes years off your face! Recently approved by the FDA, it gently, effectively, painlessly and safely produces regenerative results.

Revitalight Red is an amazing new light based treatment for a wide range of aging skin problems. This effective, safe and affordable new light based therapy produces incredible results on crows feet, under -eye bags, creases, wrinkles, and even sagging jowls. The gentle low-light treatments are painless, and believe it or not, a visible difference can be seen after just one twenty-minute treatment!


How exactly does LPL (LED Pulsed Light) therapy work?

LPL uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many wavelengths that deliver energy to all layers of the skin. LPL treatments, work on the principal that light is absorbed by color and that light generates heat.

Where did LPL originate?

There are many theories, most attributed to Europe. Here in the U.S.A. the science of light therapy has been practiced for over 40 years. It is being used in the NASA space program to aid in the rapid healing of cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Why are cosmetologists and Aestheticians using LPL therapy?

Most, if not all cosmetology boards, have issued opinions that, because LPL treatments are both non-invasive and non-ablative, they require no special licensing, thus they are approved for their use.

Will LPL therapy work on all types of people?

There isn’t any machine, system or application that will work on everyone, however, it is estimated that LPL will work on over 90% of the population, For those looking for a non-invasive, minimal risk solution without any down time, it is ideal.

How long do the applications take?

We recommend an average of 5 to 30 minutes depending on which model and what the application is used for.

How often can I have an LPL application?

We suggest 7 – 14 days intervals between applications. Overuse is counter productive.

Am I able to go back to work after an LPL application?

Yes, LED Pulse Light application leaves no after effects whatsoever. It is another one of the many advantages that LPL applications have. You can carry on with all your normal activities.

Once I am finished with my applications, will I need to come back?

Yes, depending on your age and skin condition, you will be put on a maintenance program. This can vary from 45 to 60 days. Check with your skincare specialist.

How soon will I see the results?

Most people will see results after the first application. All people will feel the results of a softer, smoother skin that is lighter, more hydrated and has a “glamorous glow”. We recommend an average of 6 applications for maximum results.

Who will benefit the most from LPL applications?

LPL will work on most people of all age groups.

What is Photo pulsation?

Photo pulsation is a light application for aging skin. Photo-rejuvenation and photo-bio rejuvenation are also commonly used terms when describing low-level light therapy.


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