Velashape Cellulite Treatment

At Coral Medical Health Spa located in Windsor Ontario. we’ve very excited to announce that we now offer the Velashape Machine by Syneron.the first and only FDA Approved device that treats both Cellulite and Circumferential reduction! We’re also the only facility in South Western Ontario to offer this technology. Designed by Syneron Medical Technologies, the Velashape is a state-of-the-art technology to treat Cellulite and excess fat on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms. Please contact guest services to schedule your appointment today!

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Cellulite is a problem that primarily plagues women. Cellulite is describe as “lumpy-bumpy” or “cottage cheese” appearance that can affect the thigh, buttocks, abdomen, or pelvis. Cellulite refers to uneven dimpled appearance of the skin cause from herniation of subcutaneous fact within the fibrous connective tissue. A majority of cellulite, 80% to 90%, occurs in post pubertal females.

Cellulite is caused by many different factors. These factors include genetic predisposition, diet, lifestyle, lack of exercise, and hormonal factors. While there is no definitive cure for cellulite, there are a variety of treatment option to help improve the appearance of cellulite. However, not everyone responds well to all treatment types.

There are different stages of cellulite. Stage I is when dimpling is neither visible upon standing up or lying down but is visible with pinching. Stage II cellulite is visible with standing up only and disappears with lying down. Stage III cellulite is visible upon standing and lying down.

Velashape is an FDA approved technology that reduces the appearance of cellulite. Velashape is a non-invasive treatment that uses three different modalities to reduce cellulite. Velashape uses a combination of radiofrequency, mechanical suction, and infrared light to improve local circulation, increase metabolism of fat cells, and increase lymphatic drainage from the affected areas of cellulite. This results in diminished sizes of the fat cells and improved texture of overlying skin as well as circumferential reduction of the area. Velashape also helps to tighten the skin in the affected area. Velashape can be used in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flank, and even the arms. Velashape can also help post pregnancy to help tighten and improve the texture of the abdomen.

At Coral Medical Health Spa, we also use a topical cream to reduce the appearance of cellulite and continue the results at home. The cream works in conjunction with the Velashape treatment by promoting the metabolism of fat cells as well as preventing accumulation of toxins responsible for cellulite.

Velashape is ideal for clients who are within 15 to 20 pounds of their ideal body weight. While it is not necessary to adhere to a strict diet or an exercise program it is imperative that you do not gain weight while on the Velashape treatment protocol. Velashape is not a treatment for weight loss. During Velashape treatments, we will take measurement of the treatment area as well as your weight during each session.

Typically, we recommend 5 to 7 treatments spaced one week apart. It is important to drink plenty of water while doing the Velashape treatments. There is no pain associated with Velashape treatments and many clients find it comparable to a warm massage. There may be a slight pinching and heat sensation but most clients find it tolerable. Some clients will see results in as few as 1 treatment while other may need at least 6 treatments before results are visible. Following the treatment, we recommend a maintenance treatment every 1 to 3 months. While the results are not permanent, adhering to a proper diet and exercise plan can ensure that results last longer.

Roughly 75% of clients undergoing Velashape treatment see results. Some clients are able to obtain great results while a few clients may not see any. Velashape is not intended as a weight loss measure or even to help treat excessive sagging of the areas. Surgery may be an alternative, however many people do not want the risk or the downtime, as well as the costs associated with such procedures.

Please schedule a complimentary consultation with a Medical Esthetician to learn more about the treatment and what you can expect at Coral Medical Health Spa, Windsor’s top spa!

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