Le Petit Spa Package 
A wonderful way to enjoy the "Spa" experience... utilizing different express treatments geared to relax the mind, treat the skin and leave the nails looking fabulous. Includes a Dermal FX Facial Treatment, Express Manicure & Express Pedicure. Purchase Online
2 hours...$99 
The Coral Retreat
Our most popular spa package. Your escape begins with an incredible soothing full-body 60 minute aromatherapy relaxation massage treatment. After the massage, enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea, while one of our skin care professionals treats you to a Coral manicure and Coral pedicure, complete with polish, massage and
cuticle care. Purchase Online
  3 hours...$119
The Mother Daughter Retreat
Now mom and daughter can enjoy a spa bonding experience. This package was designed for creating the perfect balance of quality time, relaxation and fun for both. Begin your spa day with a Simply Dermalogica Facial. After the facial you will both be treated to a Coral Manicure and Express Pedicures. Purchase Online
3.5 hours...($99 each) 
The Tranquil Journey
This package was created with you in mind. Start with our therapeutic facial treatment to decongest, rebalance and exfoliate the skin. Relax your tense muscles with a 60 minute full-body aromatherapy relaxation massage and treat your hands & feet to a coral manicure & pedicure including, polish of your choice, scented foot bath, cuticle care and relaxing massage. Purchase Online 
4 hours...$189
The Luxurious Experience 
Begin with our signature anti-aging age smart facial treatment with exclusive anti-aging technology from Dermalogica, followed by a 60min Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage. As you - enjoy a light healthy lunch, we will tend to your hands and feet with our signature luxurious manicure & pedicure treatments, including massage, skin scrub, scented foot soak, hand soak, parrafin wax treatments and your choice of polish. Purchase Online
5.5 hours...$289
Custom Package 
Combine any three Spa Services that are individually $28 or more, and receive 10% off!

Genestra Super EFA Liquid 200ml

Super EFA Liquid is a concentrated and pharmaceutical grade fish oil preparation containing high amo..
Dermalogica Clean Start Ready, Set, Scrub!

Description: Dermalogica Clean Start Ready,..
AOR Ortho Core 180 caps

Ortho Core is the most advanced, balanced,..
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