Allergenic rhinitis, Hay fever



Allergiplex contains a specific combination of homeopathic remedies known for their exceptional efficacy in resolving allergy-type symptoms. Studies show that exposure to any allergen can cause hypersensitivity reactions, leading to harmful immunological effects in the body and occuring primarily in individuals with poor adrenal gland function and weakened immune system support. Nasal discharge, nasal edema, sneezing, lacrimation and difficulty breathing are the common symptoms found in allergy sufferers. Allergiplex works at the onset of these symptoms as well as preventatively when taken prior to the allergy season. Allergiplex is indicated for allergies caused by all airborne (inhalant) allergens, allergic rhinitis and hayfever.



Each tablet contains equal parts of:
Apis mellifica (Honey Bee)15 CH
Pulmo anaphylactica (Lung Histamine)15 CH
Pollantinum (Pollen)30 CH


Recommended Dosage


Adults: At the first sign of symptoms, take one tablet daily allowing it to dissolve under the tongue. After symptoms are gone, continue taking one tablet daily for three more days. Repeat if symptoms reappear, or if chronic, take one tablet weekly for four weeks prior to allergy season.
Children: Divide tablet in half and follow adult directions.



Refer to product label for details.


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