GI Restoration Programs

Coral Medical Health Spa is proud to offer the Metagenics Ultraclear GI age prevention program for a healthy gastrointestinal tract. This program is designed to Help the body to rid itself of toxins and restore the balance of the gastrointestinal tract to complement treatment for inflammation management. Every day people are exposed to multiple toxins that exceed the body’s ability to detoxify, causing a buildup of toxins. A detoxification program may be a simple first approach for those suffering from symptoms and conditions associated with metabolic toxicity or inflammation.

The GI system serves multiple roles in the body, including digestive, immune, and barrier functions—all of which dramatically influence health. Anything that negatively impacts the health of the GI tract, such as a high fat/low fiber diet, food intolerance, certain medications, chronic stress, or nutritional deficiencies, can lead to a disruption in GI function—potentially impacting many aspects of health, such as joint health, bowel regularity, immune function, weight energy level, mood, respiratory function, skin/complexion, digestion, and mental acuity. A comprehensive GI age prevention program offered at Coral Medical Health Spa can support overall health.

At Coral Medical Health Spa the ultraclear GI age prevention program begins with a detailed health consultation with our Lifestyle Educator. Once the initial age prevention consultation is completed, our nurse practitioner will determine what type of age prevention program is required. In the case of the ultraclear GI age prevention program, the nurse practitioner will provide the client with a specific untraclear GI meal plan and the metagenics ultraclear GI supplement required.

All age prevention programs offered at Coral Medical Health Spa require close partnership and continuous follow-up between our nurse practitioner and the client. Generally our Lifestyle Educator will meet with the you on a regular basis as part of Coral’s metagenics ultraclear GI age prevention program. Careful follow-up and commitment to the ultraclear GI age prevention program offered at Coral Spa results in creating the detoxification and GI clearing response needed in the body.

Targeted nutritional support for metabolic detoxification and GI restoration includes:

  • Medium chain triglycerides. A source of easy-to-digest, readily metabolized energy.
  • Antioxidant nutrients.Promote hepatic (liver) and intestinal antioxidant activity and protect hepatocytes. Antioxidant nutrients may help reduce free radical generation. Free radicals are implicated in a wide variety of chronic degenerative processes and are produced as a normal part of detoxification.
  • L-glutathione. A tripeptide that has a key role in detoxification and excretion of many xenobiotics (endo- and exotoxins). It’s also a major component of the body’s antioxidant defenses.
  • N-acetylcysteine. Amino acid that contributes to glutathione synthesis and protects against reactive oxygen species. It is also a sulfate donor for Phase II sulfation reactions.
  • Vitamins A, C & E and beta-carotene. All act as antioxidants and help reduce the potential for damage caused by intermediate metabolites and other oxidative molecules.
  • L-cysteine, magnesium & selenium. Important for the optimal functioning of Phase I (cytochrome P450) reactions and Phase II (conjugation) reactions.
  • Glycine. One of the cofactors used in Phase II amino acid conjugation reactions. Also used in the synthesis of glutathione, which is important to hepatic antioxidant capacity and healthy Phase II detoxification.
  • Pantothenic acid. Supports the production of energy (ATP) required for these detoxification processes.
  • Taurine. Also supports Phase II amino acid conjugation reactions. Like glycine, it plays an important role in the biotransformation of xenobiotics.
  • Sodium sulfate. Provides inorganic sulfate needed for Phase II sulfation conjugation.
  • Catechins (from decaffeinated green tea concentrate). May help defend against increased hepatic oxidative stress associated with the formation of intermediate metabolites. Research also suggests that these polyphenols stimulate the transcription of Phase II detoxifying enzymes, which may contribute to their anticarcinogenic effect.

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To get started in Coral’s ultraclear GI age prevention program please contact Coral guest services to schedule your initial health consultation.

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