Your Coral program may include nutritional supplementation. As you age, you progressively lose your functional capacities. This promotes weight gain as well as declines in metabolism, nutritional status, and hormonal levels. Certain precursor nutrients must be replaced in order for your body to function at an optimal level. RDA’s have been established by the Canadian Government for most vitamins and minerals and are the amounts required to prevent a deficiency disease state such as scurvy and rickets. Many individuals do not meet the standard of minimal intake, let alone the amount required to prevent age-related diseases. A daily vitamin and mineral supplement should contain more than just the RDA to provide a more complete and optimum nutritional platform.


Defying the aging process also involves adjusting dietary intake. Coral has developed a simple dietary plan to be used in conjunction with your program to help maintain youthful levels of nutrients and hormones in the body. The diet stresses reduced caloric intake in conjunction with moderate amounts of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, low saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. In conjunction with select supplementation, the diet allows for a much easier assimilation of food into the body and promotes a balanced chemistry throughout the body and focuses on optimizing and regulating pH levels and key hormonal responses of Insulin, Cortisol, and HGH secretion.

You can derive substantial health benefits from supplementing your diet with specialized nutrients. The proper quality, quantity and regimen of supplements can augment the immune system, enhance the nutritional effectiveness of our diet, boost antioxidant levels, and help maintain the quantity and function of hormones. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, herbals, and glandulars may all be part of a total supplement program. Please allow our expertise to guide your supplement choice to maximize the potential of these products.

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