OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Oxygen Facial

OxyGeneo is an innovative technology for skin exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improving skin oxygen levels and infusion of valuable products to enrich the skin. The simultaneous skin exfoliation along with skin oxygenation optimizes the absorption of the valuable components in the nutrient-rich gels into the skin.

OxyGeneo capitalizes on the Bohr Effect that was discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904. The effect indicates that when the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. The OxyGeneo interaction between the capsule and the treatment gel creates abundance of CO2 on the skin that triggers the Bohr Effect that oxygenate the skin naturally. Oxygenating the skin is beneficial in all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.

An OxyGeneo treatment feels like a massage for the face. The exfoliation is described as very refreshing and comfortable and, because there is no vacuum procedure (like with other facial devices) the overall treatment is more soothing and relaxing. Many clients fall asleep and wake feeling rested and rejuvenated. More sensitive skin type clients may have a warm sensation on the skin during the first part of the treatment.

Yes. Because the exfoliation isn’t irritating and because the OxyGeneo is a non-vacuum device, you can treat areas of the face affected by simple acne. Consult with your OxyGeneo technician about your specific skin concerns.

After the OxyGeneo treatment the skin is rich with oxygen and nutrients from the serum, in which it will look smooth, soft, shiny and radiant. The skin feels fresh, soft and active.

To treat skin issues such as sun damage or acne, once a week treatments are recommended. Scheduling an OxyGeneo treatment once a month to treat the skin is the perfect long term anti-aging maintenance program. Your skin care specialist will set you up with a schedule that best suits your needs.

Yes! The OxyGeneo treatment has no downtime and the skin looks and feels great right after the treatment. If you have an upcoming event, schedule your OxyGeneo treatment on the same day or a day before and the effect will be well visible during the event.

This depends on your skin type and skin condition. Your practitioner will recommend the best serum for you. If you have pigmented lesion (dark spots) or dark skin, most probably the NeoBright™ will be the right choice for you. If you want to improve the overall appearance of the skin and reduce pores, the NeoRevive™ could be better and/or combination of the two. Again, your best resource is your professional practitioner that was well trained to use the Geneo.

Medical Microneedling

Reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, improved skin tone and texture and softer, younger- looking skin with fewer signs of aging. Eclipse MicroPen® can improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars and stretch marks.

Eclipse MicroPen® can be used on all parts of the body: face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

A sterile cartridge containing 12 tiny micro-points is attached to the Eclipse MicroPen®. Your skin-care professional will apply sterile saline to your skin and select the appropriate pen position based on your unique needs. Next, in a single motion, the pen will be gently pressed against the skin while simultaneously gliding in one direction until the entire treatment area has been covered.

The feeling associated with the Eclipse MicroPen® is similar to sandpaper being moved across the skin. While some areas are more sensitive than others, the speed of the reciprocating tip makes the treatment more comfortable.

The procedure takes 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the area treated.

Immediately  after  the  treatment,  you  will  notice a bright redness to the skin. The total healing time depends on the pen position used and the number of overlapping passes your skin-care professional performs. On average, patients experience redness for 2-4 days. Some patients heal completely in 24 hours.

Patients notice an immediate “glow” to their skin. Visible changes to the skin develop over the course of several weeks. Results can continue to improve up to 6 months after the treatment.

Some patients only require a single treatment once a year to achieve optimal results. However, it is  recommended for most patients to receive a series of treatments spaced about 6-8 weeks apart. For patients with more significant skin-care concerns, such as acne scars, it is recommended to receive 6-8 sessions at 6-week intervals.

Dermasweep MD Microdermabrasion

Using a variable-level vacuum system and an assortment of treatment tips, the DermaSweep wand gently lifts the skin against the appropriate treatment tip, removing the top most layer of skin. The system then vacuums away the dead skin in a precise and controlled manner. The skin is left smoother as the vacuum action wand stimulates blood flow, cleans the pores and moves the skin debris to a HEPA filter. The increased blood flow to the skin’s surface encourages collagen formation thus firming and toning the epidermis as well. Using the Epi-infusion option, skin specific treatments can also be applied to the skin during exfoliation.

The Derma Sweep MD microdermabrasion system is ideal for:

  • Reducing early aging lines
  • Sun-damaged skin / photo damage
  • Melasma (irregular brown patches)
  • Revitalize dull skin
  • Reduction of fine lines
  • Hyper-pigmentation (brown patches and age spots)
  • Improve and control acne
  • Refine enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Surgical scars
  • Pre-Photodynamic Therapy treatment
  • Improving overall skin health

DermaSweep Epi-Infusion treatments combine exfoliation with delivery of skin specific topical solutions, leaving patients with fresher feeling and better looking skin. The DermaSweep’s topical solutions are formulated to treat specific dermatological conditions. The solution is applied under vacuum pressure at the same time the system exfoliates the epidermis. The result is an effective treatment that addresses each patient’s unique skincare needs. The following is a short list of topical solutions and skin conditions that can be addressed with the Epi-Infusion wand:

  • Acne- Salicylic Acid, a medicated solution for the treatment of Acne and clogged pores.
  • Dehydration- Hyaluronic Acid containing Aloe Vera and Chamomile. This solution is especially formulated for normal to dry, combination and sensitive skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation- This skin brightening solution with hydroquinone, azelaic acid and kojic acid works to lighten pigmentation.

The treatment is safe and painless. You may feel mild tightening after exfoliation but the skin will be quite smooth. The moisture of any topical treatment will also leave your skin with a cool, refreshed feeling. The risks associated with traditional exfoliation or microdermabrasions are eliminated. DermaSweep does not use aluminum oxide crystals that can remain embedded in the skin and cause irritation.

Treatments typically takes 30 minutes but it depends upon the specific skin condition being treated and the professional opinion of your physician.

Your skin will have a warm, pinkish glow that can last up to 30 minutes. Your post treatment care is simple and easy and will be explained by your skincare therapist.

The DermaSweep MD microdermabrasion treatment can be done during a normally scheduled office visit and in most cases you can return to your normal activities. However, it is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure for at least a few days after your treatment.

A skincare regime will be recommended that you may use at home to maintain the results of your treatment.

Typically, you will see results after your first microdermabrasion treatment. Lasting and more significant results will occur after 4 to 6 treatments spaced over 10 days to two weeks apart, supported by a daily post treatment routine.

The Derma Sweep MD microdermabrasion system is a technological leap forward in the treatment of specific skin conditions and the improvement in overall skin appearance and health. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion treatments, the wand and treatment tips offer nine treatments that skin center’s can offer their clients today.

IPL Hair Removal

All areas of the body (legs, back, bikini line, face, neck, etc.) can be treated, except under the eyes.

Quick and easy! After your initial consultation, one of Coral’s hair removal technitions, will move a wand-like handpiece over your skin. The handpiece emits a light that disables the hair follicles. Most people perceive the light as a gentle “snapping” sensation. Once this is completed, all loose hair is wiped from your skin, and you are ready to go.

Most people experience some mild redness and tenderness in the treated area shortly after treatment. This does not interfere with normal activities and usually subsides within a day. In some cases, the redness may last longer, but will still be mild and temporary. The treatment specialist can explain some other less-likely side effects to you.

Our state of the art IPL Hair Removal technology is customized according to your hair colour, skin colour, texture and body location. Any hair with at least some pigmentation in it (black, brown, red and even blond) can be treated effectively.

Coral Medical Health Spa located in South Windsor uses the most advanced IPL hair removal system which is FDA approved for permanent reduction of hair in all skin types, including dark skinned African Americans and Hispanics.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) systems and lasers are very similar and remove hair in basically the same way. However, the new IPL based technology is able to remove hair up to ten times faster than lasers. As a result, the ease and quickness of the treatment allow IPL based hair removal to fit even the busiest person’s schedule. IPL also eliminates the chance for scarring during the procedure, and is almost completely painless.

It is very important to protect the top layers of the skin from becoming too hot during a IPL hair removal treatment. It is more comfortable for clients especially during long treatments. Coral’s IPL hair removal machine exerts a cooling contact with the skin by the handpiece. When the tip of the hand piece is placed on the skin, it cools down the upper layer of the skin and protects it from getting too hot. This allows us to use higher energies at a safe level, and thus obtain better results.

The number of treatments you may require for optimal long-term benefits, depends on which area of the body you whish to have treated, the hair density and colour, and the hair growth cycle. IPL slows the growing capacity of the hair follicles in the growth cycle at the time of the treatment. Since some hair follicles enter the growth cycle after the treatment, three or four treatments may be required to deliver optimal results. As opposed to other hair removal methods, IPL does not cause the hair to grow back thicker, darker, and quicker. Rather the opposite effect may occur. Hair may grow back thinner, lighter, and much slower. Cost of IPL hair removal is based on the area being treated and the density of hair, so it is completely individual.