Laser Facial Resurfacing

At Coral Medical Health Spa in Windsor, Ontario, we’re very excited to offer the latest laser facial resurfacing treatment utilizing the Palomar StarLux 1540 non-ablative laser facial resurfacing technique! Specializing in a number of Medical Cosmetic Treatments in Windsor Ontario including Cosmetic Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers by Juvederm & TEOSYALIntense Pulse Light (IPL) Hair Removal & Laser Hair Removal, Intense Pulse Light Photorejuvenation by Palomar Medical, and Botox Cosmetic, we are proud to announce this new treatment to our line of services. The Starlux 1540 laser facial resurfacing technology is considered to be one of the most effective non-ablative laser facial resurfacing techniques for skin tightening and to treat sun damage, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Dr. Zoia Sherman M.D, a board certified Anti-Aging Specialist in Windsor Ontario, has been researching laser facial resurfacing since this technology became available. the StarLux 1540 Laser Facial Resurfacing treatment was her choice for its efficacy and safety. We provide a complementary consultation with one of our certified laser technicians before any treatment program begins.

Pricing starts at $89 per treatment depending on the area(s) being treated. Generally a minimum of three treatments are required for optimal results.

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The Starlux 1540 laser facial resurfacing is a new, fractional, single treatment laser created to improve skin conditions resulting from aging and sun contact. Starlux 1540 offers the most efficient laser facial resurfacing treatment, as assessed for safety, patient experience and recovery time.

What happens during the treatment?

During the treatment, the laser removes damaged tissue from inside the skin, and then stimulates the growth of healthy, new skin, full of fresh collagen. This plumps your skin from below, repairing photo-damage and other skin flaws. Patients notice a smoother, brighter complexion.

What does “fractional mean?

Fractional therapy means that the treatment is designed to affect only a fraction or small percentage of the skin.

 How does the Starlux 1540 treatment work?

With Starlux 1540 laser facial resurfacing, laser pulses target damaged cells deep in the skin. Specifically: Tiny holes (the size of a pore) yield maximum results in one treatment Controlled energy means a more comfortable patient experience Treatments are safe and effective with rapid recovery.

Who is best suited to for a Starlux 1540 laser facial resurfacing treatment?

Patients with pale-to-medium skin tones and skin imperfections due to aging and sun damage will benefit from the Starlux 1540 laser facial resurfacing. PLEASE NOTE: This treatment is not suited to dark skin tones; please ask us about a skin therapy plan using other effective beauty treatments.

What areas of the face can be treated?

The Starlux 1540 can treat the entire face and is particularly beneficial in the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth. These areas often reveal the first signs of aging and can be difficult to treat.

When will I see results?

Most of our patients see improvement within a week after a skin resurfacing treatment. It’s recommended that a minimum of 3 treatments are done for optimal results.

How soon can I wear make-up?

You may apply make-up five days after treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

The sensation of the treatment is similar to that of an elastic band snapping against the skin. It’s mildly uncomfortable and a topical anesthetic may be used to reduce discomfort, although it’s not required.

Is there any “downtime”?

There is no official medical down-time, however it’s recommended that you remain away from direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks following treatment and always apply an appropriate sun block for 2 months. In addition some redness and swelling may occur in the areas treated 3-5 days post treatment.

Can Starlux 1540 work with other treatments?

Yes. Many patients have a Starlux 1540 treatment in combination with other beauty therapies. Your custom treatment plan could include other laser and light based procedures like IPL Photorejuvenation. We’ll be happy to discuss combination treatment options with you.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. please contact us to schedule your no-obligation complementary consultation with one of our certified laser technicians.

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